Journal Club

Mission Statement

This journal club aims to provide a forum for discussing neurons, brains, and behavior among people with diverse quantitative and neurobiology backgrounds. Weekly meetings will focus on a paper relevant to a theoretical understanding of some neuroscientific problem or system. Graduate students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend and propose/present papers. Appropriate papers present neural data, theoretical models, foundational principles for computation, new statistical, mathematical, or machine learning methods, etc.

Time & Place

Wednesdays, 2pm, NHB 3.202.


If you want to be added to the email list or sign up to present, please contact Manyi Yim ( or Ingmar Kanitscheider (



Date Presenter and readers Reading
01.24.2018  Robbe Goris  Ongoing research:
“Perceptual Straightening of Natural Videos”
01.31.2018  Jon Pierce-Shimomura and Vernita Gordon  Ongoing research:
“Conceptual issues in magnetic orientation”
02.07.2018  Oliver Muthmann Rossi-Pool R, Zainos A, Alvarez M, Zizumbo J, Vergara J & Romo R (2017) Decoding a Decision Process in the Neuronal Population of Dorsal Premotor Cortex. Neuron [Link]
02.14.2018  Ingmar Kanitscheider Omer DB, Maimon SR, Las L & Ulanovsky N (2018) Social place-cells in the bat hippocampus. Science [Link]
02.21.2018  Julie Charlton Akrami A, Kopec CD, Diamond ME & Brody CD (2018) Posterior parietal cortex represents sensory history and mediates its effects on behaviour. Nature [Link]
02.28.2018  Cosyne  –
03.07.2018  Cosyne  –
03.14.2018  Ngoc Mai Tran
03.21.2018  Manyi Yim
03.28.2018  Liberty Hamilton
04.04.2018  Zoe Boundy-Singer
04.11.2018  Subhadra Mokashe
04.18.2018  Chris Roth
04.25.2018  Tzuhsuan Ma