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Designated Readers are people who have committed to reading the article or paper in question and would like to contribute to the discussion on that paper. Each week we will select the paper for the following week from the website which has the largest group of Designated Readers.

In order to be eligible for selection, each paper will need a Designated Reader. This format should be a great opportunity for people to bring articles to the group for which they would like the expertise of others, e.g. getting an experimentalist’s input if you are largely a computational person and vice versa. To that effect, please, recruit a Designated Reader for papers in which you are interested! Students, in particular, do not be afraid to ask a more senior person to be on the Designated Reader list with you for an article in which you are interested. One aim of this format is to encourage those questions about methodology, concepts, and literature which may seem to be of an elementary nature.


Computational Neuroscience Journal Club suggested papers list (UT Austin)

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